I just spent the weekend with some of my favorites. Joel drove 10 of the 12 hours down to Plano, Texas so that I could be a bridesmaid in a dear friend from college’s wedding and Olson could be the cutest suspender-wearing ring bearer you ever did see.

The weekend was quite exhilarating as Joel and I happen to know a lot of people in that area. Friday we spent time with my aunt & uncle and I got to watch their incredibly talented children in their dance recital. My sweet girl cousin did things with her body that I still don’t understand and that make my back hurt.

That night we drove 45 minutes to the rehearsal dinner for my friend. I saw my girls, and I practically squealed. We proceeded to hug each other, giggle and generally be girls together for the remainder of the night.

Ya’ll, I’m not even that much of a girly girl. Smacking gum and taking selfies is NOT. MY. THING. But something girly overtakes me when I’m with these women who feel like my sisters. We were in an a capella vocal ensemble in college and were together, literally, every day. I can ask how their life is and they’ll actually tell me the specific gory details. They can make fun of something I’m wearing and I don’t even feel half an ounce of judgment. Before you know it I’m laughing at nonsensical things and cuddling them.

It’s obnoxious. And I know it. But I’m too happy to care.

After the rehearsal dinner, we went to a couple’s house that I HIGHLY ADMIRE. One is a musical genius, literally, and the other is a mama to FIVE children. FIVE. Three daughters and two beautiful adopted siblings from Uganda. Don’t even need to mention that she also works full time and travels with her husband frequently. As Joel and I admired their gorgeous Chip and Joanna Gaines level decorated house, we both felt a sense of inspiration. This couple was doing what they absolutely loved. They were a couple of many people that we spent time with over the weekend that were young, creative and motivated. I hounded the mom about parenting advice, of course, and we left feeling so enlightened.

Saturday was wedding day and we started the morning eating fresh berries, yogurt and granola with some of Joel’s parent’s best friends. They hosted us Friday night and Saturday night and spoiled us with their gorgeous pool and deluxe breakfasts. The wedding was perfect and our bride was radiant. The TX heat was intense, but we made the most of it.


It was SUCH a great weekend. Joel and I couldn’t believe we had so many wonderful people in our lives. Even my sweet Nanny (my mom’s mom) road tripped with us and was a delight to ride with. (We forgave her for yelling in excitement when we reached our destination on the way down…while Olson was peacefully sleeping.)

My summary of things Joel and I learned this weekend:

-Always make it a priority to visit people you love. Even if it means 12 hours in a car with a 7 month old. The bride was so thankful we came. I was there for the best day of her life along with 4 other women that fill my soul with joy like warm soup on a winter’s day.

-Do what you love, and do it now. Joel and I made an agreement to be more creative together. Especially after spending time with that power couple Friday night. We talked out some practical ways to pursue our dreams. We could use our baby as an excuse, but that would be a lie. Everyone has the same amount of time in a day.

-Wendy’s is always the right decision for lunch on the road.

-If you get a chance to go swimming at 10 pm under a blanket of black sky, take it.

-If you’re traveling with a baby, bring along a partially-filled disposable water bottle. He. Will. Never. Get. Bored.

-If the rest of the wedding party is staring at you because you and your friends are engaged in a glorious giggle fit, keep on a gigglin’. They’ll probably join you later anyway.

Have a great week everyone!!