Okay, I know I’ve been releasing these pictures bit by bit over many different blogs posts. But there are still some of our family shots we took in March when Olson was 4 months old that I love SO MUCH and I want to share them with you :). Especially since in a little over two months we will be celebrating our big boy turning one! I’m trying really hard not to be all weepy about it. I love watching him grow and as we say goodbye to younger months, we say hello to new experiences and new memories. It’s exciting!!

Things around the house have been better than ever lately. I’m finally getting somewhat back into shape. And let me clarify, my main concern with my post pregnant body was not going from fat to skinny. But feeling like me again. Feeling strong. Feeling energetic. I’ve accepted my belly wrinkles and know that there are some pants I just will never fit into again. It’s only taking me ripping two of my favorite jeans to realize this…(that’s a whole other blog post story in of itself.)

And Joel and I have overcome our lastest…? I don’t know what to call it. But once we had Olson it seems like we’ve had phases of growth. Like ya know how they say there are so many stages of grief? I feel like there are stages, emotionally, that you go through as a married couple learning to be parents. Excitement, disappointment, feeling overwhelmed, desperate for time together, desperate for time with baby, more desperation for…you don’t even know what. Sanity? Silence? But we’re learning how to make the most of our time together instead of being bummed out that it’s not as much as we would like.

I think for a time we went through a moping phase. We just couldn’t feel close to each other no matter what we did. And instead of showering each other with love, we sort of sat in a bath tub of disappointment. Just kind of soaking in our sorrow thinking we’d eventually come clean. Swirls of soapy frustration darkened our perspective, but it was all we had the energy for. Soaking and sobbing (more internally than externally.) Honestly, I think we just needed to get away from our responsibilities for a bit. Our trip to North Dakota was so refreshing. We spent hours in the car talking about our future or enjoying an audio book together. And it was that simple. Just need a change of view and some quality time away from other responsibilities. We’ve been told from the beginning that we should have date nights, but that’s easier said than done when Joel doesn’t get to see Olson very often and gets home late. So we decided to date each other every minute we’re together. Joel has been so kind and so complimentary of everything I do. And even when I know he’s had a hard day and might not want to talk, I just kiss him and hold his hands. I let him work on house projects because I know it’s so good for his soul to work with his hands. And he let’s me get my lattes and iced coffees without question.

I still get frustrated when he falls asleep on me at night while I’m talking and he still gets frustrated at me when I plan social events he knows nothing about. BUT, it’s the dance of life. And right now we’ve worked up some calluses and are dancing stronger than ever.601a4426-2601a4484601a4494601a4509601a4581601a4600601a4616-2601a4644601a4765-2601a4803601a4845601a4888-2601a4911601a4904

And how CUTE is our little boy???!!

Photos by the beautiful Allison Sabrie who now lives in Los Angeles 😦