Well, I turned 27 Wednesday.

And it was the first time I can remember that I didn’t wake up excited on the day of my birth.

Birthdays have always been exciting. Even if it’s only because I know there will be cake (cookie of course). Or that I’ll hear from friends that I haven’t heard from in awhile. Or because, because, ya know, it’s a day that celebrates you! (We’re all a little narcissistic.)

On December 7th of this year, I woke up feeling like I had shoved play-doh up my nose and had swallowed sandpaper. My head throbbed. I sat up in bed and laid back down like, at least 20 times. Olson has had a fever and a big ol’ molar tooth coming in so he’s been, less than pleasant, and of course decided he wanted to wake up a little earlier than usual. I went in his room and fed him thinking we could snuggle for a little bit. But his snot was running everywhere and so was mine.

12 o clock rolls around and neither of us have changed clothes and we just keep looking at each other like, “I’m sick, can you please get it together?”

Mom and my sister brought me lunch which cheered me up significantly and afterward my friend Sam came by to hug me and warm me with her smile. They all left and it was me and ย little snotty nose all by our lonesome. I put on High School Musical and decided we were going to snuggle and watch a movie together. A guilty pleasure of course. No one watches that movie in their right mind. After 25 minutes of calm, Olson leaps out of my lap and knocks his head right into our coffee table. He looks up at me with his doe eyes, forehead already swelling a lovely shade of lavender and I pull him close. We head upstairs and I give him a popsicle. Popsicles make everything better. His forehead was swelling to the size of a ping pong ball.

It was now 2:30 and I was spent. Haha, HOW did this happen? Half theย day went by and all I did was make things worse. Turns out Joel wasn’t feeling well either so he came home early at 3 and stayed home. I could have cried in joy. We put Olson down for a nap and took an hour nap ourselves.

Do I want you to pity me? Not really. Not at all. Days like this happen. I tell it because it’s just how life is sometimes. I ended the night big spooning my hubby with tissues in my hand and a cough drop in my mouth. It could have been worse.

Joel bought me a CAMERA for my birthday. I cried. Not because it was an expensive present. And not even because I had been mentioning to him that I wanted one. People give nice gifts all the time. But this camera was important to me because the purpose of this blog is important to me. I want to better document our family’s life. I have a dream of encouraging others and bringing joy into the day to day routines. This camera was pricey but Joel believed in my dream and knew that this was the next step for me. The next tool I needed to make this blog even better.

So this post, although I took some time to share my very unmerry birthday, has a bit of a hidden agenda. People are what make your life great. But it’s easy to settle. It’s nice to date someone who buys you nice things. But do they believe in your dreams? They’re so cute and kind, but are they going to support you in endeavors that don’t really make sense to them? Because you too will have a very unmerry birthday and probably already have at one point in your life. And having a husband who invests in your dreams makes things a little better.

Joel took some shots on Wednesday to test out the camera and it was so sweet to look back and see that it wasn’t such an unmerry birthday after all ๐Ÿ™‚

Disclaimer: We’re still learning the camera so be patient with the quality of our pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰


*Haha please note the purple shiner in between his eyes. (Sigh.)

*”Don’t tell mom I’m in here. Also, how do you feel about salad for dinner?”



I know they tell you to try to soak up every moment you have to snuggle your babies, but more often than not you just try to survive. Ha! It’s wonderful to look back at some of these pictures and see the snuggles that happen that I’m not even aware of.

Hope you all have a veryย merry weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚