Well hey there you! We’re so glad to have you here.

If you don’t know us very well, here’s a quick timeline of events to catch you up:

  1. Fall 2009, Joel and Alyssa meet at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. He had a mullet and she swooned. He saw her for the first time and thought she was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen. Neither thought they’d see much of the other.
  2. Fall 2010, Joel and Alyssa have a class together and realize, oh snap, there’s that beautiful girl/ mullet man.
  3. February 2011, they go on their first date. They eat really fancy food in fancy clothes (because Joel had a $100 gift card.)
  4. By May of 2011, they’re both ready to take this love thang to the next level. Joel gets his masters in Jazz Studies at CCM (University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music) while Alyssa finishes her bachelors in communications at Lee. Two years of long distance commences.
  5. October 2013, they get married at the foot of Lookout Mountain in Tennessee and it was the most perfect beautiful day ever.
  6. September 2014, both Joel and Alyssa unexpectedly lose their jobs. They write “Blue Skies” and begin the creation of their first album.
  7. November 2015, birth of their little Olson.
  8. January 2019, these two love birds, Olson, and little baby Josie (in utero) move their lives up to North Dakota to try out midwestern living.
  9. August 2019 – birth of little Josie.

And that’s the run down!

We also love Jesus, making stove-top popcorn, walks around our neighborhood and being with our friends.

If Joel has spare time, you will find him playing his saxophone, creating art out of scraps from around the house or on an adventure (preferably in a canoe.) You will find Alyssa writing, drinking coffee with her mommy friends or doing yoga.

You will find Olson pretending to be an animal and/or making up a story.

Josie is mostly all smiles and coos.

That’s us, ya’ll 😉

Land Fam!

Photo by the ridiculously talented Lea Black.