Welcome! Joel and I are so glad that you stumbled upon, accidentally clicked on, or actually INTENTIONALLY came to our blog. YAY!

We’re married, in our 20’s, and became PARENTS November 7th, 2015 at 6:47 pm. Our little one is Olson, and he is the squirmiest and sweetest little boy.

We met at college in our president’s psychology class. He still tells his students that if you sit in the front row of his class you might find your soul mate. Joel went on to pursue his masters in Jazz Studies. He plays the saxophone and I am a singer- so we love doing music together!

We also love eating Whirly Pop popcorn, going on hikes and making summer trips to North Dakota to visit Joel’s family.

If Joel has spare time, you will find him doing yard work, creating art out of scraps from around the house or on an adventure (preferably in a canoe). You will find me reading, drinking coffee with my mommy friends or doing yoga.

You will find Olson making spit bubbles, chewing his fingers or flinging his arms around as if he’s walking a tight rope.

That’s us, ya’ll 😉