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What I’ve Learned From Animals

I grew up with a fascination for wildlife from as early as I can remember. I collected caterpillars, caught bumblebees, captured leopard frogs, toyed with toads, netted butterflies, inspected beetles and ladybugs, played with kittens, held baby bunnies, scouted for crayfish, swam for turtles, spotted birds (and their nests), picked up snakes, peddled grasshoppers (seriously, I sold them for 25c at a garage sale once. 50c for the red-winged ones), carried baby geese and ducks, petted dogs, horses, cows and cats. Continue reading “What I’ve Learned From Animals”

Adult Teething

But what if???

I hear mamas all the time blame whatever annoying, bad or frustrating behavior their baby has on teething. Wouldn’t it be nice if adults could do the same? Continue reading “Adult Teething”

Destined to be a Dad

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” I have pondered this question for myself in varying degrees of intensity as time passes. You likely have asked this question recently, and like me have been asking it since you were old enough to contemplate. Continue reading “Destined to be a Dad”

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