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A Little Fox & His Father

One afternoon on a cloudy overcast day, Joel took Olson outside and did some yard work. Olson got a pair of Carhartt overalls from a friend of mine and we’ve made him wear them as much as we can. They’re so dern cute! It was a little chilly but he always gets hot in these overalls so I just put his little fox hat on him. Hehe! Continue reading “A Little Fox & His Father”

Don’t Try This at Home | by Joel

Disclaimer: Joel is stubborn. Stubborn as a baby. Stubborn as a boy. Stubborn as a man and a hus-ban. In a working relationship, they say you’re supposed to be a servant. And it turns out that just because “stubborn” also starts with an “s” doesn’t mean it’s also good for a relationship. Continue reading “Don’t Try This at Home | by Joel”

Destined to be a Dad

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” I have pondered this question for myself in varying degrees of intensity as time passes. You likely have asked this question recently, and like me have been asking it since you were old enough to contemplate. Continue reading “Destined to be a Dad”

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