One afternoon on a cloudy overcast day, Joel took Olson outside and did some yard work. Olson got a pair of Carhartt overalls from a friend of mine and we’ve made him wear them as much as we can. They’re so dern cute! It was a little chilly but he always gets hot in these overalls so I just put his little fox hat on him. Hehe!IMG_3326IMG_3328IMG_3330IMG_3333IMG_3336IMG_3341IMG_3343IMG_3347IMG_3353IMG_3354

What’s really fun is that I typed up a good two paragraphs for this post. Walked away to answer the phone, and came back to find that Olson had deleted it entirely. He is taking a nap now so let’s hope that his super human baby powers can’t reach from his crib into the living room where I’m typing this.

My boys love being outdoors. They could be out there for hours and not get bored. Olson has been bringing me little pebbles and tiny twigs. I act amazed at their shape and texture. We pick weeds that have tiny blooms and feel the petals. Honestly, it’s kind of brought me back to a child-like state of mind. Joel has always had an appreciation for God’s creation in the simplest of ways. I’m not talking sunsets on the beach, but the feathers on a bird or the sound frogs make. When we first started dating I found this somewhat immature.

I would be all:

“Joel, can we please talk about our feelings? Our dreams? Who we want to be in five years? Oh, okay. Yes I do see the hawk flying over head. Mm hmm, I indeed did not notice the praying mantis in the grass. Okay, seriously dear. I’m kind of tired of looking at dirt…”

But as you do with those you love, you find ways to appreciate and grow from your differences. Nature is amazing. And even if I don’t feel like appreciating it right then and there, the man I love wants to soak it in. And if I want to connect with him, I’ll have to do a little bird watching.

And if I want my son to continue to be in awe of the creation around him, I’m going to have to get psyched about some more twigs.