So I’ve been thinking lately of something I could write about in regards to parenting. I haven’t blogged a whole lot on that subject and neither has Joel really. I suppose that’s because the bulk of our worries with parenting isn’t so much about whether Olson is alright, but rather if we are alright.

But that’s not to say that we’ve nailed down the parenting thing. In fact, I just decided as I’m writing this, today I am going to share with you a few of our parenting blunders. I have several new mommy friends who send texts like, “So, little Suzy just did x , is that normal?” Or, “Did your baby also do this weird thing my baby is doing?” And I have sent similar texts to mommies with babies older than mine.

It’s nerve wracking really to think of all that can go wrong with your little one. Will they eat something off of the floor and choke? Is his diaper pinching him some place uncomfortable? Bumps and bruises show up seemingly out of the blue. There are at least 27 different ways they can hit or bump their head on something. And I often wonder if he’s eating enough… or eating too much? Should I take him outside or is it too hot? I need groceries but he hasn’t had a good nap and I need to wait until after. (Sigh).

So to you older moms, don’t worry. I’m dealing with all of this anxiety quite well at the moment. You don’t have to rush in on your white horse and save me, yet. And to you younger mom and newer moms who aren’t sure if you’re doing everything right. Let me encourage you by telling you some things I’ve done wrong.

Olson has fallen off the bed, twice.

I have found dead flowers from the front porch in his mouth, thrice.

He had an explosive poop in a CFO’s office one time and I had no change of clothes. So I had en entire meeting with this woman while my son was naked and the smell from his poopy diaper filled her office.

Olson has gone over a week without a bath. Maybe two.

He has had a piece of pancake, ice cream. Some Italian ice, cupcake icing and God knows what else my mother has managed to sneak into his mouth.

I have yelled at him a time or two. Because sometimes their cries start yanking at all the ugly inside of you and it just comes out. Not proud of it.

He has worn diapers that were probably a bit too small.

He stood all the way up in his crib before we realized, hmm, we should probably lower that. And he probably chewed a little bark off of the tree in his room that extends into his crib because he could reach it- and we didn’t realize it.

It’s not stuff I’m proud of. But sometimes it’s just nice to know that other parents aren’t perfect, isn’t it? One of my favorite moms to talk to is my friend Sam, because she isn’t afraid to admit her faults. She is an amazingly creative and patient mother. But when I tell her that I can’t remember when Olson had a bath last, she laughs with me and doesn’t shake her finger at me.

Swings are cute for pictures. Sometimes parenting is more of a swing and a miss. Those aren’t usually the pictures we post, BUT I decided to make the featured image one where I almost fell out of the swing. Because that’s a more accurate picture of what parenting feels like sometimes 😉

Pictures by Allison