I’ve never hated Mondays. I mean, ever so often I would dread working on a Monday but it’s because I wanted the weekend to last longer. It wasn’t Monday’s fault. But you haven’t had a true Monday until you’ve sipped spilled iced coffee off of your carpet through a straw.

I had to teach four voice lessons an hour each today. That’s a long time to do scales and critique singing, ya’ll. But I love it. I came home to see my little boy and he grinned so big I thought his lips were going to touch his ears. Gaaaaah, that kid!

We took daddy some lunch and afterwards I thought to myself, “A donut and some half priced iced coffee from Dunkin sounds like the perfect addition to this lovely Monday.” And off I went.

Do you ever order something from a fast food place and it seems to have everything within it’s ingredients that make up all the feelings of joy. That iced coffee went down my throat and I got goosebumps, butterflies even. I wanted to go hug the lady that made it.

We got home and Olson had fallen asleep in the car, so I kept the car running and practically skipped around our front yard watering our flowers. I realize how ridiculous this all sounds, but don’t act like there are never days where you feel like you’re in a Disney movie. There was no way there could be a sad ending. I think a little bird even perched on my shoulder at one point.

Olson awoke and we went inside to play. I set the iced coffee on the foot stool and for some ungodly reason, I walked away and left it in the living room with Olson.

Why God why?!!!?!!?!!?!!?!?

Well, the rest is inevitable. Olson found it, and knocked it over. It splashed to the carpet so hard I thought Olson was projectile vomiting. I was scared at first, and then horrified when I saw the golden liquid splashing to the ground.

I don’t know what happened next. I pulled Olson away and wanted to cry. I stared at the tipped over cup and just stared. I stared more. I was frozen. Paralyzed. I had only had maybe 5 sips. I started sipping it out of a straw off the carpet. Then I grabbed paper towels and squeezed the soaked paper towel back into the cup. I had like an inch of salvaged iced coffee…then Olson knocked that over too.

Are ya’ll feeling my anxiety? I had to take a pause in writing and take a deep breath.

Inhale, exhale.

If I could have zoomed out of this moment, I would have absolutely laughed at myself. Who wouldn’t laugh at this point?

I sipped…iced coffee…through a straw…off of a puddle on my carpet. Like, ew.

Olson started crying because apparently my frantic-ridden actions scared him. He kept trying to play in the puddle of iced coffee every time I put a new paper towel on it. After pulling him off three times, he started crying and tried to climb up my legs. I looked down at him and he looked so sad. Like, mom. Enough already. Hold me.

I picked up the little booger and held him close. I whispered to him, “Olson, you’re more important this iced coffee buddy. Sorry I freaked out.” He whimpered a little but didn’t want to be put down. His little fingers curled around my arm.

Joel and I have some family rules that our creative artistic friend Sam painted onto wooden slabs. It’s hanging above our kitchen table. One of the wooden slabs reads, “People over things.”

Olson over iced coffee.

Lesson learned, Monday. Thank you. What lessons has your Monday taught you? 😉