We finally painted Olson’s room and I’m just so happy with how it all looks now! The paint really helped bring together all the random pieces that we have in Olson’s room. All of his furniture was either given to us or we found it on Craig’s List. And all the decor in his room was from baby showers or purchased from artists that we know. None of it was intended to go together. Oh well! We like it 🙂

So any who,  I thought I’d share some pictures of the room as well as some of my favorite pieces. If anything, I’ll at least have documentation that Olson’s room was at one point  clean and tidy 🙂


I had a hard time choosing between woodland animals and giraffes for the primary animal in Olson’s room. I knew I wanted a woodland theme, and giraffes don’t really make sense. But nonetheless, there are some giraffe skin patterned organizers. We don’t discriminate in these woods.

The leafy art is from my friend Allison! We saw these four prints and knew we had to have them 🙂 The fox watercolor painting is an original by our friend Ali! You can find her work usually on her instagram @teamburkes.

So that shelf he’s playing by was a dark pink at one time. It belonged to my grandparents and we had some paint leftover from various projects and tried to give it new life. I still kinda hate it honestly. But there it is. The wooden toy chest was given to us by friends and I’m fairly certain it was from Walmart. Which is crazy because it looks hand-made by a sage old man smoking a pipe. But two cheers for Walmart! And hey Olson! (Do people actually dress their children at home? Good for you.)


So many things I love about this corner! Olson’s crib and changing table were given to us by an angel (a kind human). The canvas picture behind Olson’s initials was from Joel’s family’s lake cabin. Had been there since at least 1988. The bird’s nest painting was from a boutique in Hixson. A year or so before Olson was even a thought in our mind, Joel saw this bird’s nest and wanted it. I refused. We did not need a big oval painting of a nest. But Joel said, “Alyssa how sweet would this be in our little baby’s room someday?” He won. Joel also installed the real tree in Olson’s room and we made little owls out of pine cones that are hanging off the branches.


That Himalayan salt lamp is there so that we feel good about the air around Olson’s crib. We’re both super skeptical that they even work, but the amber light it gives is much less abrasive than most night lights. We bought this dresser off of a website in Chattanooga that sells used furniture. Also, we’re really into foxes 😉


Olson goes “Cheeeeeeee” while I was taking this shot. I want to eat him for dinner. In the most loving way possible. We found all these vintage children’s classic books at a yard sale one time and they’ve become really cute decor for his room. That burgundy chair basically doesn’t go with anything, but it’s so cozy. So we bought that pillow from Ikea to try and make it look “hip” and go with the room ha!

I love that little banner with Olson’s name on it. It’s from this shop. Also, that precious height board is from my friend Sam who I’ve been begging to open her own store. It has when he first crawled, walked, first words, trips etc. So cute!

Anyways! We aren’t fancy people. But we love art and Joel has a really great talent at creating things. So we’re pretty proud of Olson’s little pad. Hope everyone is having a lovely spring break! We’re headed to do a beach camping trip this weekend.