We did it. We took the baby and slept in a tent for three days near Destin, FL at a campsite near the beach. Sleep schedules got a little messed up and we definitely had to go with the flow. But we did it and we all lived to tell about it.

Let me tell you a little something about good friends. Gold. Pure gold. Friends who you crave to be with because you feel even more like yourself when you’re around them. The facade and the pretending and the putting on a smile evaporates at the first hug and “I’ve missed you!”

We went to the beach with such friends. If we were going to put a pack ‘n play in a tent and sleep outside for a few days, these were the people to do it with. We ate out most nights and on our final night we enjoyed our most delicious meal. We were fully refreshed and content, laughing and kissing our babies. The waitress walked by and said, “Could ya’ll be any more pleasant?” What a blessing to simply be enjoying your life and bring a smile to a complete stranger’s face.




He needed some me time too. Down dog it is.



Such a beautiful family!
You should not be allowed to be that pretty in the morning.


These two cuties 🙂


Aaaaaand, swim diapers don’t hold pee.

Lesson learned from this trip: if adventure presents itself, accept the invitation wholeheartedly.