I think it’d be fun to share things from time to time that are making me happy. Whether it’s beauty products, household stuff, new toys for Olson or a recipe that Joel likes. I’ve found that some of my favorite content online includes things that other women like me are enjoying. It was fun for me to hunt down some of these things online and rediscover why I’m enjoying that particular product. 


**I’ve never really cared for shopping much. I like new things; that’s always fun. But I don’t really long to shop. However, since having Olson, I have discovered (through friends cooler and smarter than me) that ONLINE SHOPPING is where it’s AT. But I’m super picky. I don’t really like spending good bits of money on low quality items. I also don’t like buying things just for the sake of buying them. So if a brand has a philosophy or motto that I can get behind, I’m more likely to make a purchase there.

Clad and Cloth– promotes modesty and quality. The girl that owns it is so fun and she instagrams live every now and then and will talk about her passion for making people feel good in what they’re wearing without sacrificing quality. They do free shipping and free returns, ALWAYS. And they keep it simple. Not too many clothes to sort through. Their site is clean. And their customer service has absolutely blown me away. I’ve lost a gift card to there THREE TIMES. And they just keep sending it back to me, no problem. Here are some of my favorite purchases and/or wannabe purchases from there. I’m wearing the shirt from the second photo in the image above!

Lucky Button UpYou Remind Me PeplumTe Amo Velvet Dress in Teal

Lantern Suede BootieEmbroidered Girlfriend Jean by Free PeopleSweet Talk Corduroy Jumper

Chatbooks– The easiest photo albums I’ve ever found! They are for the busy momma who wants to make sure she documents special memories. You can take your photos straight off of a media source and make them into an album. I know there are other ways to do this like Shutterfly, but I don’t like making decisions. I don’t like organizing the pictures on the page and “scrabbooking.” This is simple. It’s cheap. And I can do it in like 5 min. You can categorize pictures by hashtags so that you only make a book of, for instance, your kid. Cause y’all know every momma got a hashtag for their kiddo.

Here are what some of mine look like. They’re so cute to stack on shelves or collect in a decorative box.



There are some toys that we got Olson or were purchased for him by others that we just LOVE!

These crayon rocks. Olson thinks that crayons are to tear the paper off of and break in half. But he can’t do that with these. And he’s actually intrigued by the fact that when he rubs it on paper there is color! It’s help inspired his artistic side, sort of.

This Press Here book. It’s interactive and Olson finds it so amusing! Even when we aren’t around to read it and do it with him, I’ll hear him counting all the dots and saying what colors they are. SO CUTE.

This Melissa & Doug car carrier. It has way more purposes than we ever thought. He can put almost any type of car that he has on this thing. And he actually has to be really patient with it, because if he drives it too fast then all the cars come off. Plus who doesn’t love Melissa & Doug toys?


Honestly, Joel’s favorite thing right now is home-cooked meals. I’ve been trying to get more creative with dinners. I’m not great at cooking. But here’s a recipe that’s pretty foolproof that he loved. I didn’t have bacon so I used some left over pork. You can change up the seasonings, types of apples, whatever. Any time you have salty meat, good seasonings, and fresh produce all sizzling in a skillet? I just don’t think that could go wrong. Also, add lots of butter.

Ok, there ya have it. Some of my favorite things right now! Happy shopping/cooking 😉