This was the first place Joel and I ever ventured to as husband and wife. It’s 30 minutes from Asheville and just East of Black Mountain and Old Fort, North Carolina. A perfect getaway, still close enough to civilization to enjoy a nice dinner out. Joel took me here for the first leg of our honeymoon in 2013. And he took me there again for our anniversary last year. 

We recently transferred all of our pictures from our slowly dying laptop to our new Mac desktop. NATURALLY, we spent hours skimming through old pictures.

We found the folder of our anniversary trip from last year and I remembered how sweet and special that time together was. Joel and I needed rest before this trip, desperately. We pulled into the little bed and breakfast and I could feel myself already relaxing. What a luxury to just be together for a couple of days. I would have continued charging full speed ahead had Joel not made these plans for us to have some uninterrupted one on one time.

We actually had one of our hardest and longest arguments on this trip. I went to bed for weeks, prior to the trip, tucking away whatever anxieties I was facing because I was too tired to discuss them with Joel with a clear mind.

This time away, thankfully, provided the silence I needed to process my thoughts.  The anxieties, be it frustration with Joel, disappointment, fear, whatever, unwound their tight coils on my soul as Joel helped me lay them out and make sense of them. I didn’t even know all the ugly that was existing in there simply because I hadn’t payed attention.

SO huzzah for husbands who know their wives need to get away. The planning that went into him making this possible was months in the making, especially since we have so many responsibilities, PLUS a toddler. So it meant more than my words know how to explain that he did this for us.


I took this picture of their website, We’ve stayed in both the Evergreen Room and the Oak Leaf room. They’re both so cozy and quaint!

IMG_4623Look at how relaxed that chic is. She is just journaling away to her heart’s content!


There were some GORGEOUS hiking trails around our inn! We kept singing silly things into the valley so we could hear them echo back to us.


Our favorite restaurant, Corner Kitchen, in Biltmore Village.

Joel got this adorable hat, below, in town at Asheville and wore it everywhere. Joel rarely ever buys anything so seeing him enjoy his hat was so cute. I kept making him pose in it, hehe! The pictures below are from walking around in Black Mountain. We loved their art shops and coffeehouse called “The Dripolator.”



Our last day we visited the North Carolina Arboretum, and although a lot of stuff was dead and it was FREEZING, we made the most out of it. They had an art gallery inside and a little cafe where we had a delish lunch of stuff neither of us can really remember. Something with good cheese I’m sure. I always like meals with cheese.


Okay, that’s all! It was a great trip. And also I feel like I want little Bonsai trees everywhere in my house. Kind of felt obsessed. But maybe that’s because they were really the only living things left at the arboretum, ha!

Have a good week, you!