I’ve learned love is not what they say
If you wait for it to appear it will go away
Love is a work that’s toiled in truth
Like a tree that won’t grow without roots

I’ve learned love is inside us all

I’ve learned love is not what you say
If you speak and don’t follow through
It comes back on you

Love isn’t proud and never rude
It doesn’t depend on your mood.

Love is patient and love is kind
It carries the power to change your mind (whoa)

I’ve learned love
But I don’t know enough, indeed
I’ve learned love
But I don’t know enough, I believe (yeah)

I’ve learned love cannot be earned
For a love that is bought, will soon be spurned

I’ve learned love takes shape with time
It’s an endless and breathtaking mountain to climb
The sights one sees will make them believe
And cling together, never to leave


Love is a choice that’s made today
If you wait for it to appear, it will go away

Back Story

When Joel and I started this song, I believe our motivation was to write a “love song” out of the ordinary. We had already written a few tunes at this point, and wanted something that would allow us some lyrical depth.

At the same time though, I hate it when someone writes a song as if they have some sort of authority on the subject. Maybe it’s the writer in me not wanting to sound too “I’ve learned this thing and so now I know all the things.”

So the chorus is essentially us taking a step back to say, “I’m learning, but I don’t know it all.”

Our love story isn’t one of knowing immediately that we were “the one” for each other. Yes we felt attraction toward each other that we had yet to experience. Yes we knew we were compatible. But it wasn’t this, “I need you every day for the rest of my life or I’ll be miserable.”

We are both independent people. We both had busy schedules throughout our dating. We were long distance for two years and that worked for us. Loving each other was a choice. It didn’t just happen to us. The attraction and interest happened, yes. But we chose to love each other. We still choose, every day.

There isn’t any magic holding us together. No desperate “I need you, please don’t ever leave me,” but more of a, “you make me better and I’m committed to being the best teammate for you.” And then of course a large splash of, “I want to make out with you all the time.”