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Thinkin ‘Bout Nothin (Track 6)

I was thinkin’ ’bout somethin’
You were thinkin’ ’bout nothin’
And I was try’na read in between the lines
On your face and in your mind
Like staring at an oven
Won’t get it done, an’
And isn’t somethin’? Continue reading “Thinkin ‘Bout Nothin (Track 6)”

Friend Like You (Track 4)

When I was a young boy
I set out to the outdoors
Looked for things to catch my hazel eye
I could have done it all alone
And that at first was all I’d known
But it’s nice to have a friend like you Continue reading “Friend Like You (Track 4)”

I’ve Learned Love (Track 2)

I’ve learned love is not what they say
If you wait for it to appear it will go away
Love is a work that’s toiled in truth
Like a tree that won’t grow without roots

Continue reading “I’ve Learned Love (Track 2)”

Unexpected Wonderful (Track 1)

Land Fam!Land Fam!

I love you, from before the moment that we met Continue reading “Unexpected Wonderful (Track 1)”

Josie’s Birth Story & 10 Things

IMG_4971We have two kids now. There are two car seats in the back of my car.

There are two sets of mouths to feed, although one can technically feed himself. Two little bodies to hug and hold and cherish and we feel like our cup is running over. Why did we only get a cup to contain all this goodness? Someone bring us a wheel barrel please.

Continue reading “Josie’s Birth Story & 10 Things”

Honestly: Parenting at 2am

Arguably, this isn’t the ideal time to write a blog post.

But, parenting is much like being a volunteer firefighter. You often don’t get the call, but when you do… you gotta put out the fire. Continue reading “Honestly: Parenting at 2am”

What I’ve Learned From Animals {part 2}

(see previous post What I’ve Learned From Animals)

My Mom always thought I would end up as a marine biologist or a zoologist or really anything that started with nature and ended with a “gist”. She could still be right someday… after all, I have a lot of life left to live. Maybe I’ll be the first to discover a new species of beetle in Madagascar! Continue reading “What I’ve Learned From Animals {part 2}”

Mommy Do Nots

I wrote a blog on “Mommy Do’s” some blogs ago about some things that have been working well for us as parents. Accessories and gear that we’ve enjoyed and general philosophies that we’ve implemented and found to be successful.

Writing that blog put me in a reflective mindset. I couldn’t help but recall moments and things that we’ve observed and ways we’ve behaved that were…not so helpful. Continue reading “Mommy Do Nots”

Bismarck, Summer 2016

There is something about North Dakota. It’s not that it’s magical. And it’s not that it’s prettier than anywhere else. And there definitely isn’t a lot to do. But every time I’m up here, I feel like the smoke of the everyday clears and I can think better. Maybe it’s the air. The wind that constantly blows. Or maybe it’s all the delicious homemade meals. Continue reading “Bismarck, Summer 2016”

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