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10 Mom Hacks & Pictures from the Lake

Joel’s parents were in town for a long weekend and we LOVED IT. They are so wonderful to have around. We went to a local park and spent some time on the lake. Joel captured some cute shots so I thought I’d share those because pictures are fun! We are so fortunate to have access to beautiful places. I love where we live!  Continue reading “10 Mom Hacks & Pictures from the Lake”

A Little Fox & His Father

One afternoon on a cloudy overcast day, Joel took Olson outside and did some yard work. Olson got a pair of Carhartt overalls from a friend of mine and we’ve made him wear them as much as we can. They’re so dern cute! It was a little chilly but he always gets hot in these overalls so I just put his little fox hat on him. Hehe! Continue reading “A Little Fox & His Father”

Gray Hairs and Gorges

Joel and I recently went hiking at Cloudland Canyon and LOVED it.

I am not as into hiking as Joel is. I love the outdoors, but I’m sort of allergic to all of it. And I don’t like being sticky and sweaty. Joel, however, has a  way of making you get excited about going on an adventure and, truth be told, I never regret joining him.

BUT something weeeeird happened on this particular hike. Continue reading “Gray Hairs and Gorges”

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