Joel’s parents were in town for a long weekend and we LOVED IT. They are so wonderful to have around. We went to a local park and spent some time on the lake. Joel captured some cute shots so I thought I’d share those because pictures are fun! We are so fortunate to have access to beautiful places. I love where we live! 


There hasn’t really been a moment where I feel like I’m KILLIN’ it as a mom. As a wife? Sure. There are days when meals are planned, house is cleaned and hubby is loved. They are once every 348 days but they happen. Killin’ it as a voice teacher? I’d say so. Sometimes my students have all practiced, made progress and I high five’d them all.

As a mom? Merh.

But through talking to OTHER moms who are killing it and through trial and error, I have found some things to make life a little easier.

1- Buying in bulk. But Alyssa, you’re a minimalist. Well, sort of. If I can get enough paper towels, toilet paper, tooth paste, shampoo etc to last me a solid month (or more), then that’s one less thing I’m having to get on my weekly visits to the store. We’re Costco members and so I order most of these things online. This way when I’m loading Olson back up in the car from a shopping trip, I’m loading about half as much as I normally would because Costco ships all my paper goods and toiletries to me for free. AND we really like the Costco brand of things. I get their diapers, wipes, toilet paper, laundry detergent (it’s organic) and various other cleaning products/paper goods all online.

2- Putting my coffee in a thermos, not a mug. Cause honey, that thing isn’t gonna stay hot otherwise. And most importantly, Olson can’t spill it. Our living room rug has about a gallon of coffee in it. I wish I was being sarcastic.

3- Plan two dinners a week. Listen, that whole meal planning thing for everyday sounds so wonderful. But I work part-time and I don’t want to come home and spend an hour in the kitchen every night. Plus we’re extremely busy and aren’t even home probably three nights of the week. Or we’re at church. So when I grocery shop, I try to have two meals in mind and buy what I need for those two meals. Then I don’t buy vegetables that I think look good but would go bad before we can eat them. AND hopefully I’ll avoid extra trips to grocery stores or begging my neighbors for flour…and eggs…

4- Chalkboard list. I write paper lists too but they go missing under piles of mail or Olson finds them and throws them into the black holes of my house. Like the vents. Or one time I found some magnets in my bathroom drawer with heat syling products. You just never know. So I write down things I need on a chalkboard where I hang my reusable grocery bags. So if I know I’m going to the store, I grab a bag and look at the list. I look at the list so many times that often I can remember when I need and not bring a paper list along with me. Which is nice because I don’t have four hands to keep Olson from climbing out of the shopping cart, grab food off the shelves, talk on the phone and cross things off my list. Oh, and pick up all the things that Olson throws out of the cart.

5- Keep toys minimal. Whenever I go slack with this, my house turns into a tornado. Olson can already play with so many things that AREN’T toys, so when you add in a bunch of puzzle pieces to the magazines papers and plastic containers that are everywhere- you’re asking for a mommy melt down. We regularly either get rid of toys that he’s not playing with anymore, or we bin them up. He also has shelves in his closet and I try to keep most of his books up there along with toys we haven’t even opened yet. The idea is to rotate through the toys ever so often. Not have them all accessible at one time. He has a couple books on a shelf, some building blocks in a toy chest and a few balls out right now.

6- Get out of the house! This is probably more for my SAHM readers. (Stay at home mom…) Sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy inside my house all day. If you could peep into the windows of my house on these days you would usually find: a mommy and son at 3 pm in their PJ’s, dishes strewn about, papers all over the desk and a couple spilled sippy cups. I get it, when you’re home, you actually use your stuff and it’s so hard to keep it all clean. You’d think being home throughout the week would mean you have more time to clean your house. That is a lie from the pit of you know where. At least for yours truly. If we go take a walk, or go get some chicken nuggets or go shopping for shoes, whatever…I come home feeling so much better. I don’t feel as overwhelmed by the piles of clothes in my room because we went on an adventure together or got an errand done. And I feel mentally rested and can take care of household things.

7- A morning routine. Ish. I just try to set goals for the days that I’m home. I try to get a certain amount of things done before 10 am ifI can. If I start the day off with some intention, the rest of the day seems to have some structure and purpose. I usually put workout clothes on when I wake up so that if I get a chance to exercise I’m ready. And then I try to get the kitchen looking nice while Olson eats breakfast. Put laundry away in my room while he plays on the bed and reads books. Etc. Etc. I save work for nap time because it’s hard to use the computer, pencils and paper when he’s around. He wants to type and eat my pencils. Eye roll.

9-Target red card. Two words: free shipping. They also have really cute clothes, a good line of baby products and typically have any toiletries I want that I couldn’t get in bulk. I just ordered all my face moisturizer and dishwasher detergent from there. We have the Target debit card which acts as cash basically. The money comes right out of our account and we get 5% off on all our purchases. And….free shipping.

10- Keep getting ready simple. I like to look good, okay? I like to look professional I should say. But I think it’s such a waste to spend more than like 15 minutes on getting ready. I always have other things I need to do. So I recently ravaged my wardrobe for all the clothes I haven’t worn in awhile and donated them. I actually love all the clothes in my closet now and can figure out what I’m wearing much quicker. I have my hair cut short and layered because it curls best that way. I haven’t curled it with an iron in awhile. I just wet it in the sink and let it re-curl in the mornings. I keep makeup super simple. Foundation under my eyes and on my nose, blush on my cheeks and bronzer on my cheek bones. Mascara, lips, done. If i have more time or I’m performing I might put on some eye shadow or eye liner. And I’ll consider washing my hair.

Today is going to be a good Saturday. I’m having brunch with a friend and then attending a dear friend’s baby shower. Joel has a had a long week so we’re going to take it easy tonight. I need to use up brussel sprouts and hamburger meat. What a combo. Feel free to offer any recipe ideas that involve those two things ha!

Have a relaxing weekend friends!