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The Art of Life | by Joel

What is important when creating art?

Some people would say “an imagination”
Some people would say “the right tools or ingredients”
Some people would say “contrast”

What is art? To me… It is something that is done to bring beauty to our attention. Continue reading “The Art of Life | by Joel”

You Can’t Have Your Iced Coffee and Drink It Too


I’ve never hated Mondays. I mean, ever so often I would dread working on a Monday but it’s because I wanted the weekend to last longer. It wasn’t Monday’s fault. But you haven’t had a true Monday until you’ve sipped spilled iced coffee off of your carpet through a straw. Continue reading “You Can’t Have Your Iced Coffee and Drink It Too”

Monday moping

Ah! What better day than a Monday for Olson to cut teeth? That’s right… multiple teeth breaking through the skin.

What better day than a Monday to wake up cold and stuffy because it keeps dropping to the 40s at night? Continue reading “Monday moping”

What did I say yes to?

My first trip to North Dakota

I didn’t even flinch when I said “I do” to Joel on our wedding day. I mean good grief. He’s gorgeous. He’s so sweet-it’s almost annoying. And most of all, that man KNOWS how to love me. There was that one time he had a mullet, but let the past stay in the past.

Continue reading “What did I say yes to?”

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