Ah! What better day than a Monday for Olson to cut teeth? That’s right… multiple teeth breaking through the skin.

What better day than a Monday to wake up cold and stuffy because it keeps dropping to the 40s at night?

Olson decided he didn’t want to eat rice cereal.

I’m desperate to get some research done for a project and haven’t found the time.

Made Olson some sweet potatoes but I made too many and burned the motor on our blender.

OH and I also blew a fuse.

And didn’t I wake up at 6 am and clean the kitchen? That was useless. There were dirty dishes all over the counter.

Enter Joel.

Poor dear hasn’t had the best of days today, and he comes home for lunch to a potentially broken blender and half the kitchen outlets not working. Yay! Welcome home sweetheart! It’s me, your awesome wife.

THIS my friends. This is where marriage matters. We were both having a crappy day. The Monday to top all Mondays. (Did I mention I have to get new tires for my Jeep? OH YEAH!) We hugged, sighed deeply.

He fixed the blender. And the outlets. And when I complained about cooking an egg because I didn’t want to dirty up more dishes, he reminded me that we have a microwavable contraption that cooks eggs in like a minute and I wouldn’t even have to wait the amount of time it takes butter to melt in a skillet.

Yes, my mom could have given me a hug. My dad could have fixed the blender. A roommate could have told me about the egg contraption.

But only my husband, with whom I am one flesh, can warm my bones with a kiss on the forehead. Giggle with me and say “Who needs a blender!?” Remind me of what matters in life, in our life. Offer to take me to dinner tonight in case I don’t feel like cooking. Tell me he can’t wait to be home with me tonight.

We are committed to each other’s happiness on both good days and bad. And the first ten minutes of our lunch today might have been a little tense, but it ended with me squeezing him and insisting that he had a fever and should stay home for the rest of the day 😉

He knows me better than anyone else. He didn’t bring me flowers and chocolate today, but he saved my sanity and warmed my heart.

Now I have to go, because Olson just spit up a half gallon of milk.

Happy Monday!!

**Feel free to share your Monday woes below 🙂