Here comes the sun…doo doo doo doo.

There are like…too many blogs online, right?

Why in the world would you want to start following ours?

Well…quite simply, because we are happy. And we want to spread some sunshine, hope, laughter and maaaybe a little wisdom to the world.

My husband Joel and myself have been married since Oct. 2013 and are in our mid 20’s. Add to the mix that we became PARENTS in November 2015 and you have yourself a lot of room for mistakes and learning lessons. We want to share some of our stories with you. We know life is confusing, and sometimes very unfair. We just choose to believe that it’s all a matter of perspective and patience.

We also love performing and doing music together, so maybe you’ll find some of that on here as well 🙂

We’ve chosen to believe that life is wonderful. We’re happy you stopped by and hope that you’ll learn and grow and laugh with us.