Many of you have seen some of these pictures but I thought I’d post some of my favorites from this photo shoot- along with a post I’d written when I was 17 weeks pregnant!

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Even if you aren’t literally a singer, your heart can sing. Wonderful things happen in life that give us purpose, direction and…a reason to sing. A reason to celebrate! A reason to look at life differently. For a lot of people it’s a career, or a family or a hobby.


This is my new reason to sing. We had wanted to wait until Fall 2016 to start trying to get pregnant, but my menstrual cycle had a mind of its own. I’ll skip the unnecessary details, but suffice to say–our little one is quite the miracle.

Joel and I have had quite a stress free year and a half of marriage. I always thought I would spring into a serious career after college and make 6 figures by the time I was 25. But instead, we’ve taken it easy. We’ve traveled to Mexico, North Dakota (Joel’s home state), New York, the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina, and several beaches. We helped manage a restaurant together, a job that neither of us envisioned for ourselves, but we were able to spend our first year of marriage working together which was quite fantastic. We bought our first house, have been heavily involved in church activities, and managed to master cooking together (that one took a little while…not the cooking part, but the together part.)

But when you decide to invite a tiny little human into the mix…some things gotta change.

This little Land of mine is my new reason to sing. I have a new passion for life. A new reason to reach for my dreams like never before. A new reason to search for the heart of God in all I do. A new responsibility. Lord give me strength and wisdom as I prepare to be a mommy to this tiny little kumquat in my tummy!!

*Photo credit goes to Four Tiny Ghosts