Why does it feel SO GOOD to be organized??? To know where everything is. To open the closet and see all the clothes hung or folded. To look at a cabinet and think, “Ah yes, I know what’s in there.”

I’ve been purging our house of all unnecessary items. Furniture. Clothes. Food that’s expired. (Shh don’t tell Joel- he’d probably still want to eat it.) I’ve also been selling stuff on Craig’s List like CRAY.

I have a new philosophy. This baby business can be chaotic, mmk? And I know how easy it is for that tiny baby to start taking over my whole house with burp cloths, chew toys and baby spoons (look, they show up in the weirdest places…I don’t understand.)

But the cleanliness of the space around me is so directly connected to the cleanliness of the space inside my head. And if I’m going to be productive, I need the environment around me to encourage productivity. Apparently there are a lot of books on clutter and being minimal–if you know of any, comment at the end of the blog and let me know! I’d love to hear you suggestions.

For now, here are some things I have implemented around the house to keep our spaces clean:

1-Make the bed every morning. The whole room looks so much cleaner. Our room is quite small, so it’s easy for it to look messy.

2-Keep up with dishes and laundry. Those two things tend to PILE up. And the bigger the pile, the less I want to clean it. I rarely ever go a day without spending time on at least one of those two things. Especially now that Olson is eating solids. (HELP.)

3-Pick a room a day to “deep” clean. I.e. floors, counters, dust- all that jazz. (Thanks to my friend BB for that suggestion.) That way I’m not overwhelmed, but am always making progress.

4-I keep a bin in a closet to collect clothes we don’t wear or need. When it gets full, I load it in trash bags and donate it. If it’s something I think will sell, I’ll post it on Craig’s List but still keep it in the bin so it’s not laying around.

5- Junk drawers. I have them in our bedroom and the kitchen. Stuff we want to keep but don’t really have a place for. Cards we’re given, rubber bands, mail we aren’t sure should be thrown away. Joel also has a “gadget” drawer in the bedroom where I put any of his chargers or random chords that have an unknown purpose.

What do you guys do to keep your spaces (and thus your MIND) clean and orderly?