When I was a young boy
I set out to the outdoors
Looked for things to catch my hazel eye
I could have done it all alone
And that at first was all I’d known
But it’s nice to have a friend like you

We pretended we were grown-ups in my mama’s jeep
Always sharing secrets that we’d never keep
But you were always home to me
Growing roots the eye can’t see
It’s nice to have a friend like you

You jumped in when I wanted to take a swim
When I asked how much you said you were all-in
It didn’t matter if the times were thick or thin
It’s nice to have a friend like you


You’re the one who told me
A little flirtin’ wouldn’t hurt
Yet you followed me to walk the horses in the dirt
You took a chance on less romance
And found me true
It’s nice to have a friend like you

You jumped in when I thought I couldn’t swim
When I asked how long you said til the light goes dim
It doesn’t matter if the times are thick or thin

When I’m old and gray with you, no longer brand new
I’ll look with love and say it with a smile
You’ve hung with me for quite awhile
Even when it wasn’t in style
And it’s nice to have a friend like you
Oh it’s nice havin’ a friend like you

It’s so nice, oh it wouldn’t be right
If you’re not by my side
Darlin’, mornin’ and night
Honey, it’s nice to have a friend like you



This track came a little later than the others and it started as an answer to our need for a more upbeat, light-hearted song on the album. We didn’t want it to be anything too “deep.” I (Alyssa) think I even said something like, “I don’t want this album to be too serious! Let’s write something fun.”

So what’s more fun to sing about than childhood friendships? We both thought back to our favorite things to do when we were kids. Each of our verses speaks to a time in childhood when we made life-long friendships.

And then the third verse is obviously referencing when Joel and I first became friends. I was frustrated that he didn’t “flirt” with me. It came to be something that I admired in him, but at first it was irritating since it made it harder for me to determine his feelings towards me ;). On one of our first dates, he took me to a ranch where kids with special needs can ride horses. A very unconventional date, but it was very Joel. And although it was outside of my comfort zone, I knew that this was the kind of thing I wanted in a husband. I wanted someone who could offer more than just flowers and chocolates and warm fuzzies. But rather, someone who thought outside of the box and had a heart for people.

Joel wrote the last verse, and it’s just adorable. I love it. Be sure to check out our other posts! And follow us on instagram @landinhand as we’re trying to post more covers and musical ditties in 2020!

Bonus Fact: although neither of us really ride horses, Joel thought it would be fun to get some of our engagement pictures with a horse! We still love them, thank you Daniel Ashworth!

horse pic me excitedhorse black and white