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Bismarck, Summer 2016

There is something about North Dakota. It’s not that it’s magical. And it’s not that it’s prettier than anywhere else. And there definitely isn’t a lot to do. But every time I’m up here, I feel like the smoke of the everyday clears and I can think better. Maybe it’s the air. The wind that constantly blows. Or maybe it’s all the delicious homemade meals. Continue reading “Bismarck, Summer 2016”

I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend

Joel Land is my best friend, make no mistake.

But he wasn’t when we got married. Continue reading “I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend”

Don’t Try This at Home | by Joel

Disclaimer: Joel is stubborn. Stubborn as a baby. Stubborn as a boy. Stubborn as a man and a hus-ban. In a working relationship, they say you’re supposed to be a servant. And it turns out that just because “stubborn” also starts with an “s” doesn’t mean it’s also good for a relationship. Continue reading “Don’t Try This at Home | by Joel”

Sometimes I Don’t Wanna Kiss Joel

It’s not that I want to not kiss him.

I just want to engage with him in a different way. Continue reading “Sometimes I Don’t Wanna Kiss Joel”

Monday moping

Ah! What better day than a Monday for Olson to cut teeth? That’s right… multiple teeth breaking through the skin.

What better day than a Monday to wake up cold and stuffy because it keeps dropping to the 40s at night? Continue reading “Monday moping”

What did I say yes to?

My first trip to North Dakota

I didn’t even flinch when I said “I do” to Joel on our wedding day. I mean good grief. He’s gorgeous. He’s so sweet-it’s almost annoying. And most of all, that man KNOWS how to love me. There was that one time he had a mullet, but let the past stay in the past.

Continue reading “What did I say yes to?”

Happy Wife, Happy Life | by Joel

Forward from Alyssa-

Our wedding was so fun! (For kicks and giggles I uploaded some pictures of it). We were blessed with so much advice and prayer. Joel’s thoughts on a piece of advice he frequently received before we got married below. Continue reading “Happy Wife, Happy Life | by Joel”

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