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Tales of a Target Bathroom

Now that I’ve taken a savasana (a sprawled out on the ground yoga pose accompanied by deep breathing), I feel like I can recount the events of today.  Continue reading “Tales of a Target Bathroom”

Mommy Do’s

I haven’t done as many blogs on parenting as I have on marriage and life for a few reasons. One, I feel like I have to know everything before I give “advice” on a topic. Two, I still feel like I’m just keeping above the surface of the waters at times. Parenting is messy and it’s hard to make myself stop treading the waters and just enjoy the swim. Continue reading “Mommy Do’s”

Adult Teething

But what if???

I hear mamas all the time blame whatever annoying, bad or frustrating behavior their baby has on teething. Wouldn’t it be nice if adults could do the same? Continue reading “Adult Teething”

Swing and a Miss

601A4958 Continue reading “Swing and a Miss”

At Home with Olie (Oh-lee)

601A5562-2 Continue reading “At Home with Olie (Oh-lee)”

Destined to be a Dad

“What do I want to be when I grow up?” I have pondered this question for myself in varying degrees of intensity as time passes. You likely have asked this question recently, and like me have been asking it since you were old enough to contemplate. Continue reading “Destined to be a Dad”

A new reason to sing| Pics with Joel before baby

Many of you have seen some of these pictures but I thought I’d post some of my favorites from this photo shoot- along with a post I’d written when I was 17 weeks pregnant! Continue reading “A new reason to sing| Pics with Joel before baby”

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